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Caracas Press Conference - November 1989

It was a polemic event. There were lots of national and international reporters, they were all impatient about Cyndi´s arrival because she arrived to the Intercontinental Hotel almost 2 hours later; the press coference took place in this hotel, although she stayed at Eurobuilding.

There were some problems about the translation, it was not so good, but the photographic session was brilliant! She wore a black overall at the beginning, then she took it off. During the conference she had a black dress with white dots and her hair was not black & white, but black & yellow.



Here there are some comments and headlines from some magazines and newspapers (sent and translated by Julio Pena):

Q: What do you know about Venezuelan and Latin music?
A: Latin music is becoming popular in US. I love the latin rhythms. I love to mix them with pop music; I have met fabulous artist such as Celia Cruz and María Conchita Alonso.




Cyndi Lauper disappointed us, we were waiting a tall, exuberant and eccentric woman, as we have seen her in the videos. Some people adviced that she was strict, noisy and even bad mannered. We actually found a small and sweet woman, very simple with sad eyes and a glamorous face. Indubitably she transforms herself on the stage!"


" EL MUNDO" , Newspaper

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