Everything You Want to know about Cyndi Lauper


By KK Willis Jr

These are 145 pages.

© 1984 US

The Picture Life of Cyndi Lauper

the picture life of Carol Nicklaus.jpg

By Carol Nicklaus

It's a small book, 47 pages, with pictures and some large-print text.

Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper Kieth Elliot Greenberg 1985

By Keith Elliot Greenberg

There are 32 pages.


The title of her first album She's So Unusual, describes Cyndi Lauper perfectly. Who else is a Grammy Award winning singer, a wrestling manager, a fashion trendsetter, and a fund-raiser for multiple sclerosis?

After a decade of struggling to succeed as a singer, Cyndi finally found success in a big way. She also found her way without having to compromise her beliefs. Cyndi's records and videos are incredibly funny and at the same time convey her ideas on women's rights.

Although Cyndi's unconventional look may be easy to copy, it would be hard to duplicate her talent, energy, and personality. It's easy to see why she became a success. Read this book you'll also find out how she did it.

© 1985 Lerner Publications, Minneapolis.
ISBN: 0822516055

Have Fun With

Cyndi Lauper


By Chris Crocker

There are 62 pages, including a discography. The cover shows her dressed in a blue shimmery shirt with a black bandanna around her bright red hair and she's singing.

On the back of the book, there is the following text:


Rock and roll will never be the same - Cyndi Lauper has turned it upside down! Her smash hit debut has sold over 3,000,000 copies and Cyndi has just won MTV's coveted Best Female Video Award!

"She's So Unusual", the title of her first album, certainly sums up Cyndi's career and musical talents. Now you can discover why in this exciting new biography. Cyndi's New York City childhood, Her first rock and roll band, Blue Angel, and how she developed her unique style and explored here, complete with black and white photos throughout. You'll meet her favorite people, hear her ideas on love, success and music, and even find out her favorite shopping places!

Her climb to the top of the rock biz was a long and difficult one, but her eccentric image and incredible perseverance and talent made her break through possible. The "clown princess of video pop" is a startling new star, sure to change rock and roll forever!"

© 1985

The Cyndi Lauper Scrapbook

cyndi lauper scrapbook UK 1985.jpg

By Marie Morreale and Susan Mittelkauf


There are 44 pages.

© 1985 Bantam Books
ISBN: 055334191X

Cyndi Lauper

cyndi lauper by phillip kamen_peter Godd

By Philip Kamin and Peter Goddard


There are 96 pages.


On the cover she is wearing a grey and black kimono, a red rope around her waist, has red hair and is singing. On the back she has red lace around her neck, is wearing a denim shirt and has faded red hair. She is looking at the camera, but isn't smiling or anything.

On the back of the book, there is the following text:

"She's So Unusual is the debut album that catapulted Cyndi Lauper to superstardom last year. The title couldn't be more appropriate. With her multicolored hair and makeup , and her clothes that look like fashions from another planet, Cyndi Lauper has captured the hearts and minds of millions of Americans.

Last year, Cyndi broke the Beatles' long-term record. She had FIVE top-ten smash hits on her debut album: "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" "Time After Time" "All Through The Night" "She Bop" and "Money Changes Everything". She won the 1985 Grammy as the most promising artist of the year and was chosen by MS. magazine as one of the most admirable women of the year. Robert Palmer of New York Times called her singing "spectacular".

Lauper is a terrific songwriter and singer, but most remarkable of all is her ability to project personality wherever she goes, whether it's the TONIGHT show or the cover of NEWSWEEK, Lately she's gotten into the professional wrestling game as a promoter. Her strangely wonderful personality is captured perfectly in this biography illustrated with color throughout."

© 1986 McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 0070334994

Cyndi Lauper: A Memoir

Cyndi Lauper A Memoir.jpg

Legendary and iconic singer-songwriter Cyndi Lauper offers a poignant account of the journey that led her to become an international superstar. From her years growing up in Queens, New York, to the making of enduring hits like 'Time After Time', 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' and 'True Colors', to becoming an actress, a mother, an outspoken activist and maintaining a music career that has lasted more than thirty years.

After leaving her childhood home at seventeen, Cyndi took on a series of jobs: racetrack hot walker, IHOP waitress and, as she puts it, 'gal Friday the thirteenth', as she pursued her passion for music. She worked her way playing small gigs and broke out in 1983 with 'She's So Unusual' which earned her a Grammy for Best New Artist and made her the first female artist in history to have four top five singles on a debut album. And while global fame wasn't always what she expected, she has remained focused on what matters most. Cyndi is a gutsy real-life heroine who has never been afraid to speak her mind and stick up for a cause - whether it's women's rights, gay rights, or fighting against HIV/AIDS.

With her trademark warmth and humour, Cyndi fearlessly writes of a life she's lived only on her own terms.

Publisher: Atria Books

Publication Date: September 18, 2012

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