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The Aquarian Jan 1984 USA New York.jpg
BAM (Bay Area Music) Jan 1 1985 USA.jpg
Daily News Magazine April 1986 USA.jpeg
OOR Jan 1987 Holland.jpeg
Club Veronica Jan 1988 Holland.jpeg
Details Feb 1989.jpeg
Popular May 1990 Czech Republic.jpeg
AERA Dec 27 1993 Japan.jpeg
LEAR'S March 1994 USA.jpeg
New York Native July 24 1995.jpeg
EQ Sept 1996 USA.jpeg
NEXT April 1997 USA.jpeg
RARO! Feb 1998 Italy.jpeg
HX For Her March 1999 USA.jpeg
2000 Pride Guide June USA.jpeg
Grind Sept 2001 Brazil.jpeg
Focus 2002 USA.jpeg
FREETIME Dec 20003 USA.jpeg
New Work Post Jan 2004 USA.jpeg
At The Shore Nov 2005 USA.jpeg
In New Work April 2006 USA.jpeg
Out Smart June 2007 USA.jpeg
Equality Spring 2008 USA.jpeg
English Journal March 2009 Japan.jpeg
Women's Wear Daily Feb 2010 USA.jpeg
Cyndi Lauper 2011 Brazil.jpeg
Pulp Jan 2012 Philippines.jpeg
Ground Support Feb 2013 Mexico.jpeg
Living Out March 2014 USA.jpeg
The American Sept Oct 2015 UK.jpeg
The Weekend Australian Review Feb 2016 A
Planet Weekly June 2017 USA
People (Special waiting room copy) July
GET OUT! June 2019 USA.jpg
Classic Pop Jan-Feb 2021 United Kingdom.

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Billboard Talent Almanac 1985
Big Pictures (cover).jpg
Card 5.jpg
Girls Just Want to Have Fun 45 cover.jpe
Cosmic Cyndi Pin-ups (1).jpeg
Encyclopedia of Rock & Pop Stars.jpg
Goonies Souvenir Magazine (Front).jpg
Kindred Spirits Fanzine cover.jpg
Borders Menu Sept 2002.jpeg
Madonna & Cyndi Lauper Mini Mag.jpeg
Cyndi Lauper Poster Book 1987 Brazil (Co
Girls Just Want to Have Fun sheet music
Bop Jan 1987 America.jpg
TDC (2).jpg