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Concert Review

Cyndi Lauper
Henry Ford Theatre
Friday, June 4
by Marc Pollack

With her multimedia comeback firmly in place, Cyndi Lauper has successfully reinvented herself both as a performer and a personality.


In the intimate confines of the Ford Theatre, Lauper reintroduced herself to her L.A. faithful, who were out in force to hear what the songbird has been up to since she last recorded three years ago.


Lauper's set consisted of all the songs, in order, from her upcoming Epic Records release, "Hat Full of Stars," due June 15. With an energetic Lauper in fine voice and a first-rate band, the potent material is personal, yet commercially viable. The girl who just wanted to have fun has matured and ripened.


At 39 years old, the singer, whose obviously found happiness in her personal and professional life, is totally at ease on stage. While audience members shouted endearments and encouragement, Lauper kibbitzed with them as if they were old friends who haven't seen each other in years. She even stopped in mid-set to sign an autograph to a fan who said she had once promised it to him.


Her sparkling personality only helped the new material, which swings through hip-hop, Celtic marches, pop bounce, folk, funk, pure rock 'n' roll and Cajun and African stylings.


While Lauper's wide-ranging vocal ability could previously be described as annoying, it has taken on new strengths, running the gamot of emotions in her new work. She effortlessly alters singing styles to fit the song's various moods.


The new Lauper sings about such serious issues as incest ("Lies"), abuse ("Broken Glass"), prejudices ("A Part Hate") and death ("Sally's Pigeons") with just the right amount of sensitivity.


And although the material is so much more vital, it hasn't lost its commercial appeal.


After her third record, "A Night to Remember," bombed and her two film projects followed suit (one was actually never released, the other was "Vibes"), Lauper has gotten up the strength to do it again.


Her new film, "Life With Mikey," has opened to lukewarm boxoffice, but based on the material performed here, the potential for her new disc is limitless.


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