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Q magazine - 1997

Cyndi Lauper. Sisters Of Avalon.

On which lauper does so many stylistic turns that she comes on like a pop character actor, keen to show off an impressive range. There is the kooky Lauper, of course, heard on the likes of 'Brimstone And Fire'; and the ballader who remains, mostly, just the right side of schmaltzy. But there is the unexpected, too: with 'Love To Hate You', she threatens industrial rock, of all things, while --- encouraged perhaps by producer Mark Saunders, whose credits include Tricky's maxinquaye --- she pulls off a very creditable take on a spare, smouldering dance sound, 'Say A Prayer'. Other tracks, in comparison, are bland, sentimental fare, but the lacklustre is well worth putting up with, given the quality of the successes.

Score: 3 out of 5

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