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The Wall Live In Berlin

The Wall Live in Berlin was a concert held on July 21, 1990. The concert was commissioned by the Berlin City Hall with the organization of Roger Waters, former leader of the band Pink Floyd. 350,000 people paid 41 milestones at the time to watch the concert held on the ground between Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate, which was known as the "land without owner" due to the construction of the wall that divided the city. It is considered one of the greatest spectacles in the history of music, both by the gigantic structure and organization, by the presence of bands, choirs, orchestras, military bands and even by its poetic symbolism, since the concert was held precisely to commemorate the fall of the Wall eight months earlier. In Brazil, the show was broadcast live on TV Bandeirantes and in 2003 a DVD of the event was released and remastered by Mercury (Universal Music).


Historical context In 1989, the Berlin Wall collapsed, marking the end of the divide between the capitalist and socialist worlds. In the history of the album The Wall there is an imaginary wall that gradually isolates the protagonist from real life, which alienates his friends and family. The fall of this wall represents not only the end of division, but the end of a fear-the fear of revealing itself, equated with the fear of a nuclear war raging all over the world, the Cold War.

Track List

  1. In the Flesh - Scorpions & Roger Waters

  2. The Thin Ice – Ute Lemper & Roger Waters & Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra

  3. Another Brick in The Wall, Pt.1 - Roger Waters, sax solo by Garth Hudson

  4. The Happiest Days of Our Lives - Roger Waters

  5. Another Brick in The Wall, Pt.2 - Cyndi Lauper, guitar solos by Rick Difonzo and Snowy White, finale Thomas Dolby

  6. Mother - Sinéad O'Connor & The Band (Accordion - Garth Hudson, Backing Vocals - Rick Danko and Levon Helm)

  7. Goodbye Blue Sky - Joni Mitchell & Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, flute solo - James Galway)

  8. Empty Spaces / What Shall We Do Now? - Bryan Adams & Roger Waters

  9. Young Lust - Bryan Adams, guitar solos by Rick Difonzo and Snowy White

  10. One of My Turns - Roger Waters

  11. Do not Leave Me Now - Roger Waters

  12. Another Brick in The Wall, Pt.3 - Roger Waters & Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra

  13. Goodbye Cruel World - Roger Waters

  14. Hey You - Paul Carrack

  15. Is There Anybody Out There? - Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, guitars - Rick Difonzo & Snowy White

  16. Nobody Home - Roger Waters & Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, guitar solo - Snowy White)

  17. Vera - Roger Waters & Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra

  18. Bring the Boys Home - Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, Soviet Army Military Orchestra and Red Army Choir

  19. Comfortably Numb - Van Morrison, Roger Waters & The Band, guitar solos - Rick Difonzo & Snowy White)

  20. In the Flesh - Roger Waters & Scorpions & Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra

  21. Run Like Hell - Roger Waters & Scorpions

  22. Waiting for The Worms Roger Waters & Scorpions & Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra

  23. Stop - Roger Waters

  24. The Trial - Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra

  25. The Tide Is Turning - all joined in this last song.


Tim Curry – Promoter
Thomas Dolby – Teacher
Ute Lemper - The Wife
Marianne Faithfull – Mother
Albert Finney - The Judge


To perform the show, Roger Waters had the following band:
Roger Waters - vocals and bass
Graham Broad – Drums
Rick Di Fonzo – guitar
Andy Fairweather Low - guitar and bass
Nick Glennie-Smith – Keyboards
Snowy White – guitar
Peter Wood – keyboards
Joe Chemay - Backing vocals
Jim Farber - Backing vocals
Jim Haas - Backing vocals
John Joyce - Backing vocals

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