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This tour began on November 01, 1994 and finished on December 20, 1995 (415 days). It included 60 concerts.

The Band

Cyndi Lauper - Singer - Dulcimer - Recorder - Guitar

Rocky Bryant - Drummer (up to Japan tour)

Scooter Warner - Drummer (for the Japan tour)

Larry Campbell - Mandolin - Guitar - Violin

Kat Dyson - Guitar, Vocals

Kevin Jenkins - Bass Guitar - Music Director

Jan Pulsford - Keyboards - Vocals

Catherine Russell - Vocals - Keyboards - Guitar - Mandolin

Production Crew

Robin Irvine - Tour Manager

John Cleary - Production Manager - Lighting Designer

James Geddes - Sound Engineer

Seth Goldman - Monitor Engineer

Jimmy Bolton - Stage Manager - Drum Technician

Daniel J. O'Neil - Guitar & Keyboard Technician

Dary Sulich - Sampler & Keyboard Technician

Laura Wills - for Screaming Mimi's: Stylist

Wendy Deaner - Wardrobe

Mandy Winrow - Hair & Make-up

Tour info

Tour dates

Nov 1 1994 Brazil Sao Paulo, Olimpia

Nov 7 1994 Paraguay Asuncion

Nov 9 1994 Chile Santiago De Chile, Teatro Monumental

Nov 11 1994 Argentina Buenos Aires, El Teatro Gran Rex

Nov 12 1994 Argentina Buenos Aires, El Teatro Gran Rex

Nov 13 1994 Uruguay Montevideo (cancelled)

Nov 19 1994 France Paris, Palais des Sports

Nov 21 1994 Germany Dusseldorf, Tor 3

Nov 23 1994 UK London, Shepherds Bush Empire

Nov 24 1994 UK London, Shepherds Bush Empire

Nov 28 1994 Hong Kong Hong Kong, Queen Elizabeth Stadium

Nov 29 1994 Hong Kong Hong Kong, Queen Elizabeth Stadium

Dec 2 1994 Japan Shizuoka, Iwata-shi Bunka Kaikan

Dec 4 1994 Japan Nagano, Matsumoto Bunka Kaikan

Dec 5 1994 Japan Nagoya, Century Hall

Dec 7 1994 Japan Ishikawa, Koseinenkin Kaikan

Dec 8 1994 Japan Niigata, Kenmin Kaikan

Dec 10 1994 Japan Tokyo, Ebisu Garden Hall

Dec 11 1994 Japan Sendai, Sun Plaza

Dec 12 1994 Japan Sapporo, Koseinenkin Kaikan

Dec 15 1994 Japan Tokyo, Shibuya Kokaido

Dec 16 1994 Japan Tokyo, NHK Hall

Dec 17 1994 Japan Kobe, Kokusai Kaikan

Dec 19 1994 Japan Hiroshima, Mel-Park

Dec 20 1994 Japan Fukuoka, Shimin Kaikan

Dec 21 1994 Japan Fukuoka, Shimin Kaikan

Feb 7 1995 UK Brighton, BRIGHTON, Dome

Feb 10 1995 UK Portsmouth, Guildhall

Feb 11 1995 UK London, Royal Albert Hall

Feb 12 1995 UK London, Royal Albert Hall

Feb 14 1995 UK Cambridge, Corn Exchange

Feb 15 1995 UK Bristol, Colston Hall

Feb 16 1995 UK Manchester, Apollo

Feb 18 1995 UK Edinburgh, Usher Hall

Feb 19 1995 UK Newcastle, City Hall

Feb 22 1995 UK Nottingham, Royal Concert Hall

Feb 23 1995 UK Birmingham, Symphony Hall

Feb 24 1995 UK Sheffield, City Hall

May 8 1995 Holland Arnhem, World Liberty Concert

Jul 18 1995 US, NY New York, Academy Theatre

Aug 17 1995 US, CA San Francisco, Virgin Megastore Grand Opening Rooftop

Sep 23 1995 US, DC Washington, Aidswalk' concert

Oct 8 1995 US, MA Boston, Commons (free concert)

Nov 10 1995 US, CT Ledyard (Foxwoods), Casino

Nov 11 1995 US, CT Ledyard (Foxwoods), Casino

Nov 12 1995 US, CT Ledyard (Foxwoods), Casino

Nov 16 1995 US, CA Los Angeles, House Of Blues (AIDS Benefit)

Nov 17 1995 US, CA Los Angeles, House Of Blues (AIDS Benefit)

Nov 26 1995 Japan Sapporo, Green Dome

Nov 28 1995 Japan Sendai, Sun Plaza

Nov 29 1995 Japan Gunma, Kenmin Kaikan

Dec 1 1995 Japan Yokohama, Yokohama Bunka Gymnasium

Dec 2 1995 Japan Tokyo, Nippon Budokan

Dec 3 1995 Japan Tokyo, Nippon Budokan

Dec 5 1995 Japan Osaka, Castle Hall

Dec 7 1995 Japan Nagoya, Rainbow Hall

Dec 8 1995 Japan Hiroshima, Koseinenkin Kaikan

Dec 11 1995 Japan Fukuoka, Kokusai Center

Dec 13 1995 Japan Tokyo, Shibuya Kokaido

Dec 19 1995 US, NY New York, Carnegie Hall

Dec 20 1995 US, NY New York, Carnegie Hall

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Submitted by Gustavo Sobarzo.

1. That's What I Think

2. I Drove All Night

3. All Through the Night

4. What's Going On

5. Iko Iko

6. Dear John

7. Feels Like Christmas

8. Come on Home

9. Sally's Pigeons

10. Simple Not Easy (by Catherine Russell)

11. Broken Glass

12. True Colors

13. She Bop

14. Money Changes Everything


15. Hey Now (Girls Just Want to Have Fun)

16. Kindred Spirit

17. Time After Time

18. I'm Gonna Be Strong

19. Change of Heart

By Gustavo Sobarzo

This concert was very special for me because I have gone to several Rock & Pop concerts in my short life, but this one was the first one and one of the best ever. I remember that I went with my girlfriend (of those times) and another woman friend of mine. In these days I was fourteen years old, and a short time ago I became a Cyndi's fan (Thanks to my girlfriend). We were at the Theatre almost four hours before the concert begins. The concert was supposed to begin at 9:00, but Cyndi wasn't on the stage till 9:40. I remember that the band came on stage one or two minutes before Cyndi, and when she did it all the audience screamed. She had a flute in her hands and after give us a sweet smile she began to play the tunes of "That's what I think". This was an unknown song for me, but with the energy that Cyndi transmitted and its easy Rhythm & Lyrics I already loved it. After came the first great moment of the concert for me. I couldn't believe it when she began to sing "I had to scape, the city was sticky and cruel...". It was like she activated a bomb inside me that exploited with the chorus. I felt the adrenaline in all the audience singing "I drove all niiiiiiiiight..." and was incredible. Cyndi danced all over the stage (as in the old times) and she finished with a chaotic scream and moves, finally falling down to the floor. All the audience (2500 people) was really excited and began to scream "Cyndi,...Cyndi,...". I never liked too much "What's going on", but as the "True colors" album have been sold out in Chile since 1991 it was a pretty surprise for me to see that she sang it with "Iko Iko" as only one song. After she talked us a long time about the song that she was going to sing. As she knew that we doesn't understand English, she called an interpreter. She sang "Dear  John" with Catherine, and for me it was one of the most beautiful songs of the night. I remember that all the songs after "Dear John" were absolutely unknown for me, and I was getting a little bored when Catherine R. sang "Simple not easy" but everything changed when a very known drum was played. TRUE COLORS!!!!- said my girlfriend, who was really hysteric. And It was. It was like the song recharged my batteries. When Cyndi was performing "True colors", somebody held her hand and didn't let her to go. I could see Cyndi very confused, and then she began to scream "Hey, hey, hey". The people left her. I remember that I was really scared because I didn't know Cyndi very well, and I thought that she could be like a kind of "MADONNA" and left the show in any moment. But I was wrong, she is not a "Super Diva" as Madonna. She's very sweet, and after "True colors" she said to the person who held her hand: "I'm sorry, but I'm really strong. I can probably pick you up". When she was saying that, two guys jumped on the stage. The Cyndi's body wards came to take the guys out of the stage but Cyndi stopped them and held and kissed the "Surprise Jumpers". (I really admire them, because they jumped from almost three mts. high) All the audience screamed. Then she performed a great semi-acoustic version of "She Bop" that I enjoyed a lot followed by a strong "Money changes everything" that was like another bomb in the audience. All the people danced and jumped in a great and funny disorder. Cyndi did it too. She looked very happy and having fun. I forgot that this beautiful trance should finish sometime, but she reminded it to me when she said "Gracias, buenas noches" (Thank you, good night) and went out. I thought that the concert was over, but after a couple of minutes she was back singing "Hey now" the single of the moment (#14 in Chile). Then she sat down and said "I don't know if you remember this one" and a sweet melody sounded in the theatre. It was

"Kindred spirit" that after a little time was being a little different, finally being "Time after time". This slow version of "TAT" was really special. All the people sang it as an hymn and there were a lot of girls crying. I was very conmoved too. After she went back of the stage and she was there without singing, just looking us. Slowly began a very unknown song for me, but so much beautiful. It was "I'm gonna be strong". After this "very slow" part of the show she reanimed us with a potent and ultra-electric "Change of Heart" that as a very extended version kept us dancing a long time... till she was gone.

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