That's What I Think



Written by Cyndi Lauper, Rob HymanAllee WillisEric Bazilian
Produced by Cyndi Lauper and Junior Vasquez
Recorded by Frank FilipettiP. Dennis Mitchell & William Wittman
Mixed by William Wittman
Additional production by William Wittman

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Director: Cyndi Lauper
Executive Producer: John Diaz
Producer: T'Boo Dalton
DP: Christophe Lanzenberg
Editor: B. Jenkins
May be found on Twelve Deadly Cyns... And Then Some video.


Sometimes I think

Things are overwhelming

Sometimes I think

I don't know what I'll do

But I forget the world

And everything around me

That's what I think

When I think about you


The streets are filled

With too many babies

Black air in a sky of blue

People pass by

No life in their eyes

The concrete jungle's

Really going crazy


Sometimes I think

Things are overwhelming...


The rent is due

And the pockets are empty

People ask machines

For the truth

No crystal ball

Can help see it all

But where we gonna find

The dreams to feed the babies


Baby life goes on

That's what people say

But I'm nowhere

If you go away

I'd just be looking

For a brighter day


Sometimes I think

Things are overwhelming...

What can I do

Forget about the world

And everything around me

That's what I think

When I think about you


© 1993 Rellla Music Corp./Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. and Streamline

Moderne Music (BMI)/Dub Notes Music/Human Boy Music (ASCAP)

All Rights Reserved

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