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sisters of avalon

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Released: October 15, 1996 (Japan), April 1, 1997 (Worldwide)


1. Sisters Of Avalon

2. Ballad Of Cleo + Joe

3. Fall Into Your Dreams

4. You Don't Know

5. Love To Hate

6. Hot Gets A Little Cold

7. Unhook The Stars

8. Searching

9. Say A Prayer

10. Mother

11. Fearless

12. Brimstone And Fire

13. Lollygagging


Cyndi Lauper - vocals, backing vocals, guitar, bass recorder, slide dulcimer, omnichord, zither

Charlie Giordano - accordion

Mark Saunders - bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboards, drum loops and programming

Jan Pulsford - bass guitar, acoustic piano, drum programming, keyboards, synthesizer, harmonium, loops, samples

William Wittman - wah-wah guitar, additional lead guitar, rain loop

Catherine Russell - mandolin, backing vocals

Shang Shang Typhoon - Japanese banjo, percussion, backing vocals

Ron Jenkins - bass guitar

Scooter Warner - drums

Jimmy Bralower - drum machine

Larry Campbell - guitar, siturn, violin

Kat Dyson - guitar, backing vocals

Larry Etkin, Daniel Levine, Tom Malone - horn section

Nigel Pulsford - lead guitar

Geoff Daking, Allen Wentz - technical assistance

David Schnaufer - Tennessee music box


Chart positions

US: 188

AUT: 45

JPN: 15

UK: 59


JPN: Gold

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