Patrick Lucas

By Curtis Newart

March 25th, 2019

UPDATE: We express our deepest heartfelt condolences to Patrick's family, friends and fans.

1955 - 2020


At age 20, Patrick Lucas moved to New York to be a model for clothing designer Halston.

While attending cosmetology school in New York, he got a call from an acquaintance to do hair and makeup on a music video shoot for an unreleased song called "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".

Shortly after meeting the singer in pajamas named Cyndi Lauper on the set and working on the video, he found himself in LA doing her hair and makeup for appearances on American Bandstand and Solid Gold. By the end of the week, they were off to Japan where "Girls" had taken off.

“I would get her up around 5 A.M., get her something to eat, draw a bath, and then a radio station would call — she’d have to do radio interviews. Then get her dressed, then meet a reporter at the restaurant downstairs, get in the car where there’d be another reporter, go to a shoot, do the shoot, and near the end you try to book more reporters, then go to a TV show…and it went like that for the first year.


It was crazy. And yet, she’s not even like BIG yet! I mean, she has fans, but I remember we left Japan and stopped home on our way to England and she hadn’t had anyone notice her yet. I remember I went outside that day to have a cigarette and there were all these girls outside and I heard them say her name and they wanted her autograph. And that was the beginning.”

-Except from The Hairpin

“He's So Unusual”

Jane Marie (11/5/12)

Lucas experimented with cutting Lauper's hair in the shape of a Bird of Paradise flower, coloring it with an assortment of vegetable dyes, and painting her face to match the clothing they picked out from Screaming Mimi's vintage boutique where Lauper worked in New York City.


The media and fans loved the image and it quickly became part of Lauper's iconic trademark 80's appearance as we know and love it today.

"...(She's So) Unusual was arguably the first time explicitly punk-influenced elements were front-and-center on the pop landscape, both musically and via Lauper’s Patrick Lucas-styled ensembles..."

-Rolling Stone

Julianne Escobedo Shepherd (3/25/14)

Lucas found himself on the other end of the makeup brush when Lauper did his makeup for her She Bop video. Watch for him in drag as a nurse in the Uncle Siggy's Masterbingo segment (Sony/ATV).


Lauper at the 26th Annual Grammy™ Awards on February 28th, 1984. Hair and makeup styled by Lucas.


Lucas and Lauper.


Lucas and Lauper. Photo courtesy Patrick Lucas


Lauper's sophomore album True Colors cover. Hair and makeup styled by Lucas.


US Magazine article (5/20/85).


Lucas and Lauper (Topps trading card).


Lucas and Lauper on the set of the She Bop music video (Topps trading card).


Lucas (left) and Lauper on the set of the She Bop music video (Topps trading card).


Lauper in People Magazine (7/1/85). Hair and makeup styled by Lucas.