Miscellaneous Appearances

  • At the beginning of her musical solo career, Cyndi participated to some wrestling events, even being a manager. What is less known is that all of the wrestling bouts with Wendy Richter, Roddy Piper, etc. were MS fund raisers. Cyndi, Dave Wolf and Cap't Lou organized the "events" and raised over four million dollars for research. All the silliness around the wrestling was then for a good cause.

  • Cyndi participated in the fade of 1989 or in the beginning of 1990 in a chapter of the kids serial "Mario Bros." where she was looking for the Cap. Lou Albano. "Girls just want to have fun" appears there in a special version.

  • Cyndi performed two episodes of "Mad About You":

    • A Pair Of Hearts (First shown on November 18th 1993) [season 2]

    • Money Changes Everything (First shown on April 27th 1995) [season 3], as Marianne Lugasso

She won the 1995 Emmy award as "Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series" for her second appearance.

  • Cyndi has revealed that her cats were so important for her that she has decided to keep them even if her husband is allergic. "I had them before I had David" said Cyndi. Names of the cats are Skeezix, Skezzix, and Nick.

  • Cyndi wrote a song with Annie Lennox. Anyway this song was never completed.

  • On September 17th 95, Cyndi appeared at the closing ceremonies for the Boston to New York Aids ride.

  • In 1995, Cyndi was an award presenter in the American Music Awards. She wore a black and gold outfit and her hair was colored the same way. She was complimented by a certain newspaper for her fashion sense.

  • Her voice in the new Disney Movie (about the hunch back of Notra Dame) had been recorded. She was considered at one time as the voice of Quinn, one of the gargoyles around the church. But that character was replaced by the character La Verne who is voiced by the late Mary Wickes.

  • There would have been a Pro-choice album released in the end of 1995 or in the beginning of 1996. Cyndi ought to appear performing a remake of "Oh Child" (recorded in Toronto during the "Hat Full Of Stars" tour). She did not make the final cut of the album, even though there were scenes of her taping the song on VH1.

  • Cyndi went to Japan on February 3rd 1996 in "IKUTA JINJYA" (a Shinto shrine) for "SETSUBUN" party in Kobe. "SETSUBUN" party is Japanese "the eve of beginning of Spring." Why Kobe ? Because Cyndi will encourage to the sufferers from "HANSHIN earthquake". But she did not sing any song.

  • Cyndi directed a video for the German band Fury in the Slaughterhouse. It is the American video of "When I'm Dead and Gone" released in 1995 (?). Note that Martin Weisz created the European video of the song. Cyndi is a director for a company called Daisy Force productions, which is run by Beth Lamure. Alison Anders is one of the directors.

  • During the Twelve Deadly Cyns time, Cyndi did a commercial campaign for Domino's pizza. Two TV spots and three menus are existing. Here are the menus:

  • Someone saw at a flea market in the 80's ... a digital watch with just Cyndi's feet on it and which plays Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Anyway, there is no other precision.

  • Although her name is not listed on the ending credits, Cyndi sings the opening theme song to the Saturday morning TV show Pee-Wee's Playhouse which ran on CBS from 1988 to 90.

  • Cyndi appears in the video tape "Elmocize", a tape from the "Sesame Street" childrens educational programme in the U.S. In it she plays the part of Twila Twister, one of the three characters of the Twister Sisters band (the other two are muppets). They sing "Do the Twist" which is part of the exercise of "Elmocize".
    Cyndi is wearing a long flower (plant) dress. She is also wearing a pink (purple) flower above her left ear. Her hair is bright yellow, red lipstick, black nail polish, a wrist bracelet on her right arm, and black diamond earrings.
    In the song, Cyndi sings with a Spanish accent (maybe Puerto Rican accent ?) The song has a lot of Latin sounding percussion and that Latin style staccato piano...and there is this one part where it is kind of a solo section where Cyn slowly slurs the pitch downward to the next note and the next and the next.... 
    Released by Sony/Wonder
    Running Time: 30 minutes
    VHS - LV 49773

  • To celebrate their reunion, The Rutles were joined for the recording of their Archaeology album by an invitation-only group of superstar friends and artists. These special guests will sing on the chorus of "Shangri-La."
    The session took place at an undisclosed New York recording studio on the evening of September 3 - the night before this year's MTV Video Music Awards (also being held in New York). Among the many stars expected to attend are diverse names ranging from Oasis to Pat Boone. And from Richard Pryor to Janeane Garofalo. But Cyndi is also present. She is wearing a blue outfit and a funky blue hat.

  • Cyndi music appeared three times on Japanese TV commercial. These air dates are about the release of the song:

    1. Goods: Beer ("Hole in My Heart" used as background music)
      Note: One of the reason Japanese CD "A Night to Remember" includes "Hole in My Heart" as Bonus track is because of this commercial. Prime reason was countermeasure of import cheap CD from USA.

    2. Goods: 'Romano Bindy' Ice cream. It is marketed by Meiji food corporation. Cyndi appeared wearing a big blond wig (?? as background music)

    3. Goods: Pizza ("Come on Home" used as background music)

  • Other Cyndi's songs appeared in commercials:

    1. 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun'. The commercial is about a busy mom taking her daughters to the beach.

  • Cyndi is quoted in the Fugees RAP called "The Score". Here is the part of the song:

  •     [PRAZ]

  •     I'm a bring down the ruckus

  •     Play the nutcracker

  •     Rough-neck rednecks make me no bother

  •     Time after time, ask Cyndi Lauper,

  •     Boss, you don't want to fuckk with my partners

  •     Motion, commotion, what's your proposal

  •     Uphold two-fold, the crew is disposal

  •     Like utensil, false idental,

  •     I autograph my lyrics with a number 2 pencil


  • Cyndi talks Japanese If you want to hear Cyndi talk in Japanese (6 seconds), just click here. Note that it is a Japanese prompter site. If your browser does not support it, you will only see some "strange" characters. In the WAV file, Cyndi tells "Minna-Genki ? So-So-So-So. Hi I'm Cyndi Lauper." It means "How are you ? Oh yes."
    The page talks about Sisters Of Avalon ad and Japan tour ad. The site is advertisement of the concert promoter UDO Music.

  • A CD-ROM game has been released in November 1996:


Cyndi Lauper and Cheech Marin provide the voices in this comedic 23rd-century setting where the world is obsessed with pizza. Four pizza delivery companies compete and will let your imagination run wild. Produced by Simon and Schuster

Cyndi plays the party of Nikki in the game. Find info and now a demo on the Web. There should be pictures of Cyndi's character, and some WAVs of her lines.
It has been relaunched in 1997 and was renamed 'Pizza Pilot'. The new display box has new artwork including Cyndi's picture on the box.

  • On the 13th April 1997, 25 girls were power walking the London marathon wearing customised wonderbras to raise loads of dosh for breast cancer research, the bras were auctioned on the 16th April....
    The bra was customised by Cyndi on her European promotional tour in Jan 97, to be specific it was done in Vienna and it looks amazing ! It has LOTS AND LOTS of personally signed polaroids attached and flight tickets hidden in the pad pouches and it was all hand sewn together with her own fair hand !
    Cyndi has spent a lot of time on this bra as she supports breast cancer research...
    Here is the description of the bra by Peter James Loft, the lucky one who bought it: it is white with a red feather boa draped around it. It has the '12 Deadly cyns' pic of Cyn sewn on one of the cups. It has around 7-8 polaroid pics of Cyn in various situations (airports, hotels, ...) hanging from it. One is signed. In addition there are two b/w sony pics as well. The inside of the cups are signed and placed inside them are various flight boarding passes, daily schedules for her time in Europe, a script for Noels house party (with kiss!) and a Hotel key.

  • Cyndi is mentioned in on MC Solaar's new CD. The sentence is: "I'll be having more fun than Cyndi Lauper." (spelled Cindi in the CD booklet).

  • Cyndi's husband David starred in the "Mrs.Parker and the vicious circle" movie. Cyndi has a small cameo in that movie !!! She is seen laughing and talking with a bunch of people at a table during an outdoor picnic party. She is dressed up in old fashioned clothes because the movie takes place in the 1920's. David has a very nice size role in the film. It seems that Cyndi missed David so bad that doing the cameo in the movie was the only way they could see each other... Note that Cyndi is not listed in the movie's credits...

  • On September 22nd 1997, The Microsoft Network (MSN) featured Cyndi and Jan Pulsford on their interactive music program called RIFFF. Cyndi and Jan Pulsford went to Seattle for recording it. It figured a Sisters Of Avalon interactive music program/game. You needed to be a member of the Microsoft network to download the program.
    See what it could have been downloaded in the Tracy's site.
    The same week, on September 25th, there was a live chat on MSN. Back by popular demand, the show was repeated on October 24th-30th 1997.

  • Cyndi appeared in the Comedy Central show called UNAUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY: Milo - Death of a Supermodel. A comic spoof on current television biographical portraits, the show chronicled the fictitious life of the glamorous femme, Milo. Todd Oldham, Joyce Brothers, Debbie Harry and a few of the other people were in it as well. It has been aired for the first time on Comedy Central on Oct. 27th 1997. Although it was announced as hilarious, Cyndi only appeared for 17 seconds.

  • On October 31st 1997 (Halloween), cyndi appeared at a benefit for AmFAR (the American Foundation for AIDS Research) at a club called La Belle Epoque in NYC.
    It was hosted by Cyndi and RuPaul. Cyndi was dressed as an Egyptian, with her belly hanging out ! RuPaul also made a brief appearance, but was not dressed in drag.
    The tickets cost $75.
    A picture of Cyndi at this party appeared in The Globe


Miscellaneous stuff linked to Cyndi

  • Cyndi Screen saver:
    Released by Sony in 1995, it includes a screen saver as well as two little games. The screen saver is a 40 seconds extract of the Hey Now (Girls Just Want To Have Fun)video clip. It's on a 3.5" diskette.
    Serial number: EPIC ESS 61104

  • Buttons:

    • 1 Round, about 6" in diameter, says her name in white characters and the picture on it is from about 1984

    • 1 Square, about 1.5" wide and tall, the picture on it is taken about 1984 outside

  • Bubblegum:
    From 1985, by "TOPPS Chewing gum", wrapper is pink with a black and white photo on front. There is one of the various pictures on every wrapper. Inside, there is 1 stick of gum, 3 stickers, and 3 trading cards. There are pieces of a picture of Cyndi on back of trading cards that can be put together to make a full picture. On back of stickers, there is some info on Cyndi and a full picture of what the trading cards will make when all are put together. There were 33 different trading cards and 33 different stickers.
    Check them in the Shan Maggard's page

  • Back Stage passes:
    From the True Colors World Tour 86-87, the "guest" one is pink and Indian red, and the "crew" and "After Show" ones are pink and blue. Each pass has a square spiral border. At top it says "Cyndi Lauper"; left side says "True Colors"; bottom says "World Tour 86-87" and middle has a colored rectangle with white letters saying which kind of pass it is (crew or whatever)

  • Calendar:
    Mini calendar, Spanish, by "TV Top Disco Stars". It's #61, has a plastic cover, and looks like a trading card, with a calendar on back, from 85/86

  • Movies:
    "Life With Mikey", full length screener for retailors only; has picture of her on back

  • Dolls:
    A "Cyndi Looper" doll made; that was supposed to represent Cyndi Lauper... (Name probably changed for legal reasons). This doll was one of the early Cabbage Patch kids... one of the "Appalachian Artworks" dolls.

  • Puzzle games:
    Promo game for Change Of Heart. It is a puzzle game where you have a load of small balls contained in water that you have to get in grooves. The grooves form the shape of a heart.

  • "Garbage Pail Kids" trading cards:
    They were sold during the late eighties. They were a parody of the Cabbage Patch Kids. They were chubby little, cartoon-ish doll-like pictures. In the second edition, there was one called "Cyndi Lopper". This card portrayed a little red-haired girl with pig tailed braids in a guillotine with her head about to be "lopped" off into a basket. There was also another card with the same picture and it was another name of a famous person. One quick note about these cards. They were meant to be funny...

  • Stamp:
    A Cyndi Lauper stamp has been released in Mali in 1995. It's a painted picture from 84 (the same as the picture sleeve of the Japanese Girls Just Want To Have Fun 12"). It comes from a page with 5 other female singers and they're all drawings.

  • 'She Bop' Socks:
    They were made in limited edition. Only very few pairs were made. Back in 1984, cyndi approved of a license to manufacture these socks only in California and only limited quantities were made. They are 'glow-in-the-dark' type of socks. Bright orange and with the words. If you switch off the lights, they actually glow.

  • Japan Phone cards:
    There should be 23 different phone cards. They have been sold since a long time ago and 13 of them were available during the Sisters Of Avalon Japan Tour. You can find some of these phone cards in the pictures section

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