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Hat Full of Stars


This tour began on May 15, 1993 and finished on January 05, 1994 (236 days). It included 37 concerts.

The Band

Jan Pulsford - Keyboards

Kevin Jenkins - Bass

Kat Dyson - Guitar

Larry Campbell - Mandolin

Pierre Andre - Sax & Percussion

Scooter Warner - Drums

Catherine Russell - Vocals

Chrissy Faith - Vocals

The crew

Robin Irvine - Tour Manager

James Geddes - Sound Engineer

John Walsh - Drum Technician

John Cleary - Production Manager

Seth Goldman - Monitor Engineer

Daniel J. O'Neil - Guitar Technician

Dary Sulich - Keyboard Technician

Helena Occhipinti (for Oribe at Elizabeth Arden) - Hair & Makeup

Cheryl Wilson - Stylist - Wardrobe

Tour info

Set List

1. That's What I Think

2. Product of Misery

3. Who Let in The Rain

4. Lies

5. Broken Glass

6. Sally's Pigeons

7. Feels Like Christmas

8. Dear John

9. Like I Used To

10. Someone Like Me

11. A Part Hate

12. Hat Full of Stars

13. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Rap)

14. True Colors

15. Ohh Child

16. Change of Heart

17. Time After Time

18. That's What I Think

Tour dates


5, 1993 New York City United States The Roxy

17, 1993 Dallas Trees

18, 1993 Houston Tower Theater

19, 1993 New Orleans Tipitina's

21, 1993 Atlanta Variety Playhouse

22, 1993 Norfolk The Boathouse

24, 1993 Baltimore Hammerjacks Concert Hall

25, 1993 Philadelphia Chestnut Cabaret

26, 1993 New York City Irving Plaza

28, 1993 Boston Paradise Rock Club


June3, 1993 Phoenix The Roxy

4, 1993 Los Angeles The Fonda Theatre

5, 1993 San Francisco Slim's

7, 1993 San Juan Capistrano Coach House Concert Hall

8, 1993 Ventura Majestic Ventura Theater

16, 1993 Englewood Gothic Theater

18, 1993 Minneapolis First Avenue

19, 1993 Chicago Park West

20, 1993 Pontiac The Industry

22, 1993 Cincinnati Bogart's

23, 1993 Toronto Canada The Opera House


5, 1993 Palm Desert United StatesMcCallum Theatre

6, 1993 Redondo Beach The Strand

12, 1993 Tokyo Japan NHK Hall

13, 1993 Tokyo Japan U-Port Hall

14, 1993 Sendai Japan Sendai Sun Plaza Concert Hall

16, 1993 Tokyo Japan Shibuya Public Hall

17, 1993 Nagoya Japan NCC Century Hall

20, 1993 Hiroshima Japan Mielparque Hall

21, 1993 Fukuoka Japan Shimin Kaikan

22, 1993 Kobe Japan Kokusai Kaikan

24, 1993 Nagoya Hilton Nagoya Ballroom

25, 1993 Matsumoto Japan Bunka Kaikan

28, 1993 HarbourFront Singapore World Trade Centre Exhibition Hall

31, 1993 Taipei Taiwan Taipei International Convention Center


1, 1994 Taipei Taiwan Taipei International Convention Center

3, 1994 Tokyo Japan Club Quattro

5, 1994 Tokyo Japan U-Port Hall


by January Ellen

I remember being totally bummed out one day at work, and one of my co-workers asked me what was wrong. I told her that Cyndi Lauper tickets were going on sale and I couldn't afford the ticket. To my complete surprise and disbelief, this now really great friend of mine offered to buy my ticket for me so I could go, and offered to go with me! So we took a Greyhound to the Opera House, and found ourselves lined up to see the show. I wasn't aware beforehand that they were filming a video. I saw posters all over that said that if you didn't want to be seen on camera then you better not go in. Well that just made me even MORE excited! We made our way up to the front row, and this was the closest I had ever been to Cyndi! She had white blond hair, and it was short with long spiky sideburns. She wore a great black outfit....but as I write this--DUH!--you probably saw that in the video! She had a wonderful band, and backup singers too. I remember she sang "Dear John" with one of the backup singers. During the show she allowed people to ask her questions, and someone said that they thought her new album was way better than Madonna's. Cyndi's response, which made

me even more respectful of her as a person and performer, was that she appreciated how much they liked her new album, but that it wasn't necessary to blow out someone else's candle to make hers burn brighter. Wow. What a classy lady. Someone else asked her to sign a $10 bill, which she did. She sang an a cappella version of True Colors. And she wore a steel washboard on her chest during a song as well. (I don't remember which one!) The absolute COOLEST thing that happened to me at this show was when I got to shake Cyndi's hand during a song. She came over to my side of the stage, and everyone put their hand up for her to touch, and out of everyone she took my hand and held it for a few seconds. I couldn't believe that I got to shake hands with Cyndi Lauper! I have pictures from that show, but unfortunately I don't have a scanner. And I didn't make it in the video. Unfortunately we had to leave the show early to catch our Greyhound bus home.

More reviews coming soon!

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