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COvers of Cyndi songs

  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun

    • 198? - Vicki Leandross

    • 198? - Barbie: Les Filles Ne Veulent Que S'amuser

    • 198? - Mini-Pops

    • 1985 - "Weird Al" Yankovic: Girls Just Want To Have Lunch

    • 1985 - Deborah Galli, Tami Halbrook, Meredith Marshall

    • 1993 - Pearl Jam

    • 19?? - Dame Edna

    • 19?? - Nolan Sisters

    • 1996 - The Chippettes

    • 1996 - ?? for the Virginia Slims advertisement

  • Time After Time

    • 1985 - Miles Davis

    • 1986 - Paul Parker

    • 1992 - Mark Williams and Tara Morice

    • 1992 - Everything But the Girl

    • 1993 - Project P featuring Sabina

    • 1993 - Hyperstate

    • 1994 - Tuck & Patti

    • 19?? - Bertus Borgers

    • 19?? - The Hooters

    • 19?? - Nana Mouskouri

    • 19?? - Kateis Project

    • 1995 - Gameface

    • 1996 - U96: Heaven

    • 1996 - The Flirtations

    • 1996 - Candlelight

    • 1997 - Changing Faces

    • 1997? - Matchbox 20

    • 1997 - Rocky Brown

    • 1997 - Ann Hampton Callaway

  • She Bop

    • 1989 - You Sing Cyndi Lauper

    • 19?? - James Last

  • All Through The Night

    • 1984 - Marie Fredriksson: Natt Efter Natt

    • 1986 - Nana Mouskouri

    • 1989 - You Sing Cyndi Lauper

  • True Colors

    • 1989 - Goldie Hawn

    • 1989 - You Sing Cyndi Lauper

    • 1990 - Aztec Camera

    • 1992 - Sheena Easton

    • 1992 - Kim Jones

    • 19?? - Elaine Page

    • 1997?- Tuesday's Child

  • Unconditional Love

    • 1991 - Susanna Hoffs

  • I Drove All Night

    • 1989 - You Sing Cyndi Lauper

    • 1992 - Roy Orbinson

    • 1994 - Bandido

  • My First Night Without You

    • 1989 - You Sing Cyndi Lauper

  • Heading West

    • 1992 - Mitsou

  • I Don't Want To Be Your Friend

    • 19?? - Desmond Child

  • That's What I Think

    • 1996 - Tommy Page

  • Hat Full Of Stars

    • 1997 - Nicky Holland



Vicki Leandross: Girls Just Want To Have Fun

This cover has been released in French. Anyway, I don't know anything else about this song. The French title would be something like "Les filles, nous on veut du fun".


Barbie: Les Filles Ne Veulent Que S'amuser

on "Le Look"




Again a cover of Girls Just Want To Have Fun in French !


Marie Fredriksson: Natt Efter Natt (All Through The Night)

on the B-side of "Het Vind" 7" - 1984 (EMI)
on "Het Vind" CD - Sweden 1987 (EMI) - CDP 7467192


Marie Fredriksson is the female vocalist of Roxette

The song can also be found in the CD release of Marie Fredrikssonīs album "Het vind" (1987 release) as a bonus track. The album "Het vind" was originally released in 1984 as an LP, and it didnīt include the song "Natt efter Natt".


"Weird Al" Yankovic: Girls Just Want To Have Lunch

on "Dare To Be Stupid" - 1985 (Scotti Bros Records) - 5208-2-SB

Click here to see the lyrics of this cover.


Miles Davis: Time After Time

on "You're Under Arrest" - 1985 (CBS)


CD (Japan) - CDCBS 26447


Time After Time: 3.37
Miles Davis: Trumpet
Al Foster: Drums
Robert Irving III: Synthesizers
Darryl Jones, A/K/A "The Munch": Bass
John Scofield: Guitar
Steve Thornton: Percussion




Deborah Galli, Tami Halbrook, Meredith Marshall: Girls Just Want To Have Fun

on the O.S.T. of Girls Just Want To Have Fun - 1985

Paul Parker: Time After Time

on a 12" - 1986 (Oaktown Records of Dallas, Texas)


This is a dance version.


Nana Mouskouri: All Through The Night

on "Love me Tender" - 1986 (Phillips)


Goldie Hawn: True Colors

Delivered the song like a poem during the Sammy Davis's Jr 60th Anniversary Special in late 1989.


You Sing Cyndi Lauper


1 MC: Analog, Stereo., Dolby processed. (1989) - PS 492 (Pocket Songs)


Tracks List

Side B has instrumental versions of songs in reverse order.

  1. True Colors

  2. I Drove All Night

  3. My First Night Without You

  4. She Bop

  5. All Through The Night


Renditions not by the original artist
Lyrics enclosed.
Recorded accompaniments.


Aztec Camera: True Colors

on "The Crying Scene" single


7" (UK 90) - WEA YZ 492
10" (UK 90) - WEA YZ 492 TE
12" (UK 90) - WEA YZ 492 T
5"CD (UK 90) - WEA YZ 492CD
"Covers And Rare" CD (Japan 93) - WEA WMC5-671


Susanna Hoffs: Unconditional Love

on "When You're A Boy" - 1991 (COLUMBIA (SONY))
on "Bangles featuring Susanna Hoffs: Definitive Collection" - 1995 (COLUMBIA)


CD "When You're A Boy" (Austria) - 467202 2
CD "Bangles featuring Susanna Hoffs: Definitive Collection" (Germany) - 480544 9
7" (Picture disc)
3"CD or 5"CD


New lyrics written expressly for Susanna Hoffs


Roy Orbinson: I Drove All Night

on "King Of Hearts" - 1992 (VIRGIN)


CD - 263200
3"CD or 5"CD


Although this song has been released on album and single only in 1992, it could have been heard before. Anyway, it has not been released before 1992.


Mark Williams and Tara Morice: Time after Time

on "Strictly Ballroom O.S.T." - 1992 (COLUMBIA) 


CD - CK 53079


The movie was made in Australia.

"Time After Time" is track 7.

In the movie, there is also an instrumental version.


Mitsou: Heading West

on "Heading West" (Canada) - 1992 (TOX RECORDS) - TISCD 0001
on "Mitsou" (US) - 1992 () - 


Mitsou is a Canadian singer.


Everything But the Girl: Time After Time

on "Acoustic" - 1992 (ATLANTIC)


"Covers E.P." (Blanco Y Negro 92) - 7" - NEG 54 9031 76428-7
"Covers E.P." (Blanco Y Negro 92) - 12" - NEG 54T 9031 76412-1
"Covers E.P." (Blanco Y Negro 92) - CSS - NEG 54C 9031 76412-4
"Covers E.P." (Blanco Y Negro 92) - 5"CD - NEG 54CD 9031 76412-2

"Acoustic" CD (Atlantic 92) - 7567 82395-2
"Acoustic" CS (Atlantic 92) - 7567 82395-4


Sheena Easton: True Colors

She performed this song on the Arsenio Hall Show on October 19th 1992.


Kim Jones: True Colors

on the "Consigli per gli acquisti" - 1992 (GloboRecords) - 170 801-2

True Colors (Kim Jones): 3.37



This song is the song which is played in the 'Kodak Gold' TV advertisement in Italy.

Distributed by PolyGram.


Project P featuring Sabina: Time After Time

on "This Beat is Hot" - 1993 (VMP Dance)


"Project P featuring Sabina" is an Asian dance group.
The lyrics are not the original ones.


Hyperstate: Time After Time

in 1993 (Polydor Ltd. UK)


Tracks 1, 2 & 3 were published by Reilla Music Co.


Pearl Jam: Girls Just Wanna have Fun

The band performed this song in concert at least on May 13th 1993 in San Francisco, Slim's.

Eddie starts singing the chorus and the band comes in with a random "filler" riff. It's only played for about 13 seconds. Eddie sings...:

Oh Girls Just Want To Have Fun They just a want ta, they just a want ta (x2) They just a want ta, they just a want ta, be left alone


Tuck & Patti: Time After Time

on "Tears of Joy" - Windham Hill
on "Best Of" - 1994 (BMG)


"Tears Of Joy" LP (US) - WH-0111
"Best Of" CD (Germany) - 1934-11156-2


Time After Time: 4.46


They record for a jazz label called Windham Hill. Basically, it is a husband wife duo, with the husband (Tuck) on acoustic guitar and his wife (Patti) on vocals. There are no other instruments (at least not on the album with "Time After Time"). They apparently do all their songs without any overdubbing afterwards, so what you hear is exactly what they played during that take (comments from James Townsley).

Bandido: I Drove All Night

in 1994



Remix Production by Factory Team
Conceived by Carlos Garcia-Puche and Stefano Ghilardi

® Mela Music/ Dig It/ Steppin' Out Publishings
© 1994 SIAE/Mela Music/Dig It/Steppin' Out Publishing


Tracks List

Side 1

  1. "I Drove All Night" medley with "Power of the Time" Club Mix

  2. "I Drove All Night" medley with "Power of the Time" No Vox Mix

Side 2:

  1. "I Drove All Night" medley with "Power of the Time" Hard DJ ReMix

  2. "I Drove All Night" medley with "Power of the Time" New Edit Mix


Hi-Nrg Club Single

This is a house/techno version


Desmond Child: I Don't Want To Be Your Friend

on "Discipline"



Bertus Borgers: Time After Time

on "Cool In July"

Dame Edna: Girls Just Wanna have Fun

on "Dame Edna The Party Experience



Nolan Sisters: Girls Just Wanna have Fun

Gameface: Time After Time

on the 'Three to get Ready' album - 1995 (Dr. Strange Records)



This is a hardcore version.

The home page of the band contains a 20 seconds WAV file of the song.


The Hooters: Time After Time

on "Nervous Night" video
Live Version on the "Hooterization" CD - 1996 (Columbia (Sony)) - 485492 2


Rob Hyman (co-writer of the song) appears in the vocals


Elaine Page: True Colors

on "Love Can Do That"



Nana Mouskouri: Time After Time

on "Only Love" (Best Of)

Kateis Project: Time After Time

on the "Golden Hits In Dance" various artists' compilation - 0043389

Picture Sleeve

Album Picture sleeve
(37025 bytes)

Tracks List

  1. Nick French: Total Eclipse of the Heart (J.Steinman): 6.05

  2. Andrew Sixty: Stand By Me (Ben E. King): 3.33

  3. Rod Heroes: Always (Bon Jovi): 5.25

  4. Newton: Sky High (C.Scott, D.Dyer): 4.00

  5. Bill Power: I Swear (J.Meyer, G.Baker): 5.13

  6. M.A.N.: Down Under (Men At Work): 5.20

  7. DJ Miko: What's Up (L.Perry): 4.52

  8. Kangaroo: Rock U (Matahari, Selenia): 3.27

  9. The Remakers (Sheila B. Devotion): Spacer (Sheila B. Devotion): 4.55

  10. Tina Washington: Sailing (C.Cross): 4.35

  11. Altera: Mmmmmm (Brad Roberts): 4.36

  12. TH Express (M.Alberti): 3.21

  13. Andrew Sixty: Caterina (Schuman, Power): 4.36

  14. Kateis Project - Time After Time (C.Lauper): 5.14

U96: Heaven

This has been released in 1996.

U96 is a dance group. The melody of this song is the melody of Time after Time. Furthermore, the chorus contains: the following notes: "If you're lost you can look - and you will find me ....."


Chippettes: Girls Just Want To Have Fun

on a CD for the Chipmunks 35th Birthday - 1996



The Chippettes (Brittany, Jeanette and Eleanor) are the female counterparts of the Chipmunks (Alvin, Simon, Theodore).


Tommy Page: That's What I Think

on the 'Loving You' album - 1996 (Pony Canyon)


The Flirtations: Time After Time

on the 'Three' album - 1996



This gay quartet can be heard in the movie "Philadelphia" singing "Mr. Sandman". They have no back up instruments.


Candlelight: Time After Time

on the 'The Best Of Piano Volume II' album - 1996 (Time Life Inc.)


Tracks List

  • Side 1

    1. Unforgettable

    2. With You I'm Born Again

    3. Somewhere Out There

    4. Against All Odds

    5. Love Is All Around

    6. Greatest Love Of All

    7. The Shadow Of Your Smile (Love Theme from 'The Sandpiper')

  • Side 2

    1. Night And Day

    2. On My Own (From Les Miserables)

    3. Hero

    4. Time After Time

    5. Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars

    6. She's Out Of My Life

    7. Misty

??: Girls Just Want To Have Fun

in 1996



This song was played during the advertisement of the the cigarettes 'Virginia Slims' in Japan.


Tuesday's Child: True Colors

on the 'The More Things Change' album - 1997?



It's a female duo.


Changing Faces: Time After Time

on the 'All Day, All Night' album - 1997 (Big Beat/Atlantic records) - 92720-2

Time After Time is track #6



The song is word for word from original but has more R&B; sound.

Changing Faces is a 'girl group', so much of the chorus is harmonized vocals. The baseline is also stronger. They also don't have the whispered fade out ending as on the original.


Nicky Holland: Hat Full Of Stars

on the 'Sense and Sensuality' album - 1997 (Epic)



Nicky Holland is the co-composer of the song with Cyndi.


Matchbox 20: Time After Time

They performed the song during concerts in 1997 ?


Rocky Brown: Time After Time

on the 'In Character' album - 1997



Rocky Brown is said to have been on Broadway doing the musical Miss Saigon, she is originally from the Philipines and now is living here in Hawaii singing in a local band.


Ann Hampton Callaway: Time After Time

on the 'After Ours' album - 1997



This is a slow jazzy version.
Ann Hampton Callaway is a cabaret/jazz singer.

Source: Page After Page

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