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The Sun - January 20, 1997

Here is the transcription of the article. The pictures are clickable.


CYNDI: So how do I get my picture in 'The Sun' ?
DAVE: Take your kit off
CYNDI: Oh, all right then

CYNDI LAUPER may not have had a hit for a while but she has a superstar sense of humour.

The outrageous singer left Bizarre snapper Dave Hogan speechless with her outrageous bid to get her picture in the world's No 1 showbiz column.

As she posed fully dressed for Dave, he politely enquired if she would do something "a bit different" for the shoot.

Cyndi, 43, asked: "How can I make this more lively for the Sun then ?"

Dave joked: "You could always take your top off." She left him gobsmacked by replying: "Right, I will."

Cyndi then popped into another room, removed her blouse and marched back in topless - with only her new CDs covering her naked breasts. The singer, who is married to actor David Thornton, quipped:


(26209 bytes) 
BLOUSE THAT! .. Cyndi with kit on

"I suppose this will do." Dave, still blushing from his encounter, said: "I've worked with all the major stars and seen some funny things before.

"But I've never known anyone willing to go half-naked to get into the paper. I was only joking with her and was flabbergasted when she agreed.

"So many showbiz stars take themselves too seriously. It was brilliant to see someone prepared to have a laugh for once."

Cyndi more than deserves the plug she was after. Her new single, You Don't Know, is released today.

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