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Spokane Chronicle - End of Jan 1987

Jeff Cook typed the article.

This article is about the Spokane concert (Jan 21, 1987).


A Quality Performance
by Rita LaVoie, Spokane

My 8-year old, April, and I went to Cyndi Lauper's recent concert in Spokane. Two comments on David Oriard's review:
One, isn't it ironic that the day has come when someone who looks like Cyndi Lauper is labled "mainstream"?
And two, maybe (as in our case) what Oriard took for apathy really was awe. We (including the people around me) sat there, stunned by the quality of Lauper's performance; between numbers, I heard the middle-aged man next to me muttering things like, "I am impressed", "Good heavens" and "all right". The bottom line is, to the powers that be, the ticket dstributors--Select-A-Seat vs. M&M--I; for one, hope your battles don't deprive Spokane of future opportunities for quality entertainment.

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