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Unknown magazine - 1988

This article has been typed and sent by Jerry Pound.

Summer movies are as inevitable as the season itself, and Cyndi Lauper with her starring role this summer in VIBES, could be the new queen of the genre -- a latter-day Annette Funicello with tie-dyed hair.

The tousled ragamuffin of rock will play a psychic beauty school student named Sylvia who sports micro-miniskirts and spiky blond hair-- "a toned downed version of myself," she says. "I've dyed my hair one too many times."

To prepare for the role, Lauper took a few classes in finger waving and hair setting at the Robert Fiance School of Beauty in New York and studied with a few Manhattan psychics ("We all have the power of pyschics," she learned; "we're just bombarded all the time by TV and stuff"). She also wrote the film's theme song: "I Got a Hole in My Heart That Goes All the Way to China."

In VIBES, Lauper plays opposite Jeff Goldblum, who portrays a fellow psychic who journeys with her to the Ecuadorean Andes to find the missing son of Harry, an eccentric businessman played by Peter Falk. "It's a fun summer movie," she gushes. "It ain't Gone With the Wind."

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