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***Winner Sean Simpson***

***GAME TIME!***

30-Day Idol Challenge Starts Now!

The challenge: Each day we'll post a theme for fans to find a specific style photo of Cyndi. The fan with the most days of participation wins. In the event of a tie, we'll hold a random draw to select a winner.

The prize: A fabulous Lauperland T-shirt* in your choice of color PLUS your own Fan Spotlight feature on the Lauperland website!

Let's go!








Cyndi artwork: Brett Willis of TOONARAMA


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**contest not endorsed by Cyndi Lauper




1. Autographed Photo - Robert Staton

2. Goonies 45 - Kevin Gaffield

3. Christmas Collections CD - Michael Houlihan

4. Time After Time 45 - Jonathan Hammer

5. Girls/Time 45s - AJ Brody

6. Memphis Blues CD - Kin Kin

7. True Colors Album - Kate Klasen

8. Girls/Time 45s - Jeffrey Krotz

9. TOPPS Cards/Stickers - Katie Sheppard

10. Detour Poster - Hanh Manning

11. Time After Time 12" - Kassandra Tropepe

12. MAC Sticker Sheet - Julia Marina

13. (5) 45 Singles - Keriann Carney

14. Grafitti Magazine - David Thomas

15. Change of Heart 45 - Stacy Sousa

16. Rare Japanese Girls 45 - Jerry Pound

17. She Bop 45 - Steve Starfield

18. Detour CD - Scott Crone

19. Girls/Time 45s - John Lewis

20. Rare Japanese ATTN 45 - Chut Nakanishi

21. True Colors Album - Gilbert Wilson

22. FUN Tour Backstage Pass - Blake Roberts

23. Rare Japanese Girls 12" - Stephane Dorval

24. Postcard Set - Joe Ondrey

25. I Drove All Night 12" - Cesar Lemos


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1. Eloy Ramirez




November 1999

Prize: the Austrian 2-track CD of Sally's Pigeons including Someone Like Me
Winner: John Dalton from Florida, US

December 1999

Prize: the Merry Christmas... Have A Nice Life UK Actetate CD-R (Epic UK Mitsumi 11-trk, custom labelled)
Winner: Alex Staufenbiel from Germany

February 2000

Prize: the You Don't Know UK radio edit promo CD, in picture sleeve cat #XPCD2118
Winner: Stéphane Pitois from France

March 2000

Prize: the I'm Gonna Be Strong Austrian 2-track CD, card wallet picture sleeve
Winner: Alison Mello from Mass., US

April 2000

Prize: The You Don't Know US 5-track radio promo CD, # ESK 9953
Winner: Daniel Averitt from MN, US

May 2000

Prize: The Change Of Heart - Deleted UK 4-track 12' including 3 remixes and What A Thrill (over 20 minutes of music) cat#CYNDI T1
Winner: S.C. Lee from Hong Kong

June 2000

Prize: The I'm Gonna Be Strong single - US 2-track promo CD including Come On Home. cat# ESK7441
Winner: Jeff Schlabach from US

July 2000

Prize: the You Don't Know - Junior Vasquez Mixes UK 12' promo-only 3-track - XPR3103
Winner: Jeff Schlabach from US

August 2000

Prize: the Austrian 2-track CD of Sally's Pigeons including Someone Like Me
Winner: Thorunn Gudjonsdottir from Iceland

September 2000

Prize: the You Don't Know US 5-trk promo 5" CD - ESK9953
Winner: Julie Hood from OH, US

October 2000

Prize: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun original Japanese 7'' in 'multi picture' picture sleeve - 075P-267
Winner: Javier Flores from US

January 2001

Prize: the You Don't Know (Jnr Vasquez Mixes UK promo-only 3-trk 12'' incl Remix, Dub & Tribal Beats, nice promo p/s XPR3103)
Winner: Curt Thomas from UK

April 2001

Prize: the Hey Now UK DJ promo CD, p/s - XPCD486
Winner: Arnisson Ortega from Philippines

May 2001

Prize: the I'm Gonna Be Strong US 2-track promo CD - ESK-7441
Winner: Curtis Stedge from US

June 2001

Prize: the What's Going On UK limited edition 7''picture disc CYN-P1
Winner: Connie Christensen from US

July 2001

Prize: the You Don't Know UK 1-track promo CD - XPCD2118
Winner: Nevin Chan from Canada

August 2001

Prize: the That's What I Think UK 7-track promo 12'' - XPR1981
Winner: Michael Kline from ?

November 2001

Prize: the Merry Christmas...Have A Nice Life! UK 11-track advance promo CD-R acetate
Winner: James Walkowiak from US

December 2001

Prize: the You Don't Know US 2-track promo CD, ESK0408
Winner: Lee Rosevere from Canada

January 2002

Prize: the Merry Christmas...Have A Nice Life! UK 11-track advance promo CD-R acetate
Winner: Wendy Gulbis from ?

March 2002

Prize: the Merry Christmas...Have A Nice Life! UK 11-track advance promo CD-R acetate
Winner: W Y Chan from Canada