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Change of Heart


Written by Essra Mohawk; additional lyrics by Cyndi Lauper
Produced by Cyndi Lauper & Lennie Petze
Executive Producer: David Wolff
Engineered and mixed by Brian McGee
Additional mixing by Jason Corsaro
Arranged by Cyndi Lauper, Jeff Bova & Jimmy Bralower
Special Guest Vocalists: The Bangles
Linn Drums: Jimmy Bralower
Keyboards: Jeff Bova
Guitar: Nile Rodgers

Release Information

The song also appears on " The Best of Ultimix Records Sides 19/20" 12" (no picture sleeve)

  1. Colourbox - You keep me hanging on

  2. Cyndi Lauper - Change Of Heart: 7.36


Director: Andy Morahan
Producers: John Diaz & T'Boo Dalton
DP: Tony Mitchell
Editor: Nick Robson
May be found on Twelve Deadly Cyns... And Then Some video.


Here I am

Just like I said I would be

I'm your friend

Just like you think it should be

Did you think I would stand here and lie

As our moment was passing us by Oh I am here


Waiting for your change of heart

It just takes a beat

To turn it around

Yes I'm waiting for your change of heart

At the edge of my seat

Please turn it around


Days go by

Leaving me with a hunger

I could fly

Back to when we were younger

When adventures like cars we would ride

And the years lied ahead still untried

While I stand here

Waiting for your change of heart...

Blind leading blind

Never hear the laughter

Search through time

Nothing reveals the answer

If it's truth that you're looking to find

It is nowhere outside of your mind

I bide my time


Waiting for your change of heart...


© 1986 Stone and Muffin Music Co. and Rellla Music Corp. (BMI) All Rights Reserved

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