Calm Inside The Storm


Written by Cyndi Lauper & Rick Derringer
Produced by Cyndi Lauper & Lennie Petze
Executive Producer: David Wolff
Engineered and mixed by Brian McGee
Additional mixing by Jason Corsaro
Arranged by Cyndi Lauper, Lennie PetzeJimmy Bralower & Jeff Bova
Background Vocals: Cyndi Lauper, Ellie Greenwich & Angela Clemmons Patrick
Linn Drums: Jimmy Bralower
Keyboards: Jeff Bova & Peter Wood
Guitar: Rick Derringer

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I can get up

On the right side of the bed

But that won't stop the rain

From coming down on my head

I can live my life

Playing hide and seek

But when I look inside

It's hard to make believe,

Ah ah


'n lately

You seem so far away

I wish I could say something

But I don't know what to say

I can feel your eyes

I don't have to look at you

Boy, discontentment

Is-a-sneakin' through


You never really want anything

But what you really need is everything

I'll give you something only life can bring

The calm inside the storm

Love me a little, love me long

Wo yeah

The calm inside the storm

Love me a little, love me long

Don't you know

You should be holding me

But you're all locked inside

Why don't you throw me your keys

I'm like a rockin' ship

On your rollin' sea

You know crash lightnin'

Never frightens me, nah


...You never really wanted

But what u really needed

I wanna give u something

mmm... the calm inside the storm

Love me a little, love me long

Love me a little, love me long

© 1986 Rellla Music Corp. and Scratch & Sniff Music, Inc.

(administered by Careers Music Inc.) (BMI) All Rights Reserved

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