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Baby Workout


Jackie Wilson's song


Release Information

Live video version on Cyndi Lauper In Paris video.



This song was performed live during the True Colors tour.



Hey you ! Come on here on the floor

And let's rock some more

Come on here on the floor

Honey lets rock some more, yeah.

Now when you get out here don't cha have no fear

Put your hand on your hip

And let your backbone flip and work out.

Mama, mama move up, party move back

Shuffle to the left, wobble to the right

Now it's plain to see you're a heading for me

But it's a natural fact, huh, I like that so work out.

Work it baby work out, honey work out

Work out baby, workout baby work out, work it baby work.

Shout until it's jumped out, work it baby work out.

Work out, work out, work out, work out, work all night long.

Round and round and round and round we go...

Round and round I know. Don't you know, don't you know,

Round and round we go where we stop nobody knows

Yeah ! The band is swinging on the stand

We're moving in, we're moving out

People stop right now, here's a dance with a shout so work out.

Now when I tell you to shout I want you to jump at it.

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