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At last




This tour began on October 28, 2003 and finished on September 05, 2004 (314 days). It included 100 concerts.


The Band

Deni Bonet - Violinist from Dec 12, 2003 to July 10, 2004

Allison Cornell - Violinist from Nov. 6, 2003 to Nov, 16, 2003 AND July 15, 2004 to Sept. 5, 2004

Kat Dyson - Guitarist

Steve Gaboury - Pianist

Mindy Jostyn - Violinist for the Joe's Pub shows in October 2003

Sammy Merendino - Drummer

William Wittman - Bassist


Nelli McKay opened for Cyndi at several December 2003 shows. Keri Noble opened for her in February 2004 (at least for the Red Bank show).


1. At Last

2. Shine

3. Change of Heart

4. Stay

5. Walk on By (Rock version)

6. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

7. She Bop (French Version)

8. Sisters of Avalon

9. I Drove All Night

10. True Colors

11. It's Hard to Be Me

12. Money Changes Everything


13. Fearless

14. Time After Time

15. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (original version)


Submitted by Braden Pickering

A common theme in everyone's concert reviews seems to be the fact that Cyndi Lauper is an amazing live singer, and that she looks darn good in person. Well, after seeing her at Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, I'm here to tell you that those comments are definitely not exaggerations! I first saw Cyndi open for Cher back in 2002, and at that time I wasn't even a fan. In fact, I remember saying to a friend of mine that maybe we should arrive later so we can skip the opening act. But am I ever glad she didn't listen! When the opening chords for Shine were playing and all of a sudden this little blond lady struts out on stage belting out the words, I literally got all tingly, and that was the night I was transformed into an official Cyndi Lauper fan. Within a week i owned all her albums. Anyway, this was my first all-Cyndi concert, and I was really pumped up, having bought the Live...At Last concert DVD a few weeks beforehand. The cool thing about her is that she changes the set list with almost every show, so it wasn't a hundred percent predictable. While I was slightly disappointed that she did not sing Unchained Melody or All Through the Night as she did on the DVD, or add Ballad of Cleo and Joe or That's What I Think, she made up for it with an acapella version of Fearless, from my favorite album, Sisters of Avalon. Other high points for me included I Drove All Night, my all-time favorite Cyndi song, and the rock version of Walk on By. Too bad that wasn't on the album. Maybe a maxi-single full of remixes will be released? Nah, I doubt it. But a guy can dream. As for Cyndi herself, she is very tiny in person, but her skin is very soft and smooth looking, just like a porcelain doll. Her hair was bright yellow with dark roots, twisted in an almost dreadlock-like fashion, and she even took a moment to look at herself on one of the big screens and say that she liked how the back of her head looked, lol. She had endless energy and was kind enough to put up with all the screaming audience members. If I were a celebrity, I think I would be annoyed with people constantly shouting at me, but she would say thanks to some and eventually just "shh" them so she could get on with the song. It was bordering on obnoxious, really, But I guess it is nice to know that she still has an enthusiastic fan base after all these years, all in all the concert was fantastic. Her voice was fantastic, and her energy was infectious. On more than one occasion there would be some terrible feedback, most notably during Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, and during True Colors she couldn't get her instrument tuned right, but that's okay. This

was the perfect venue for Cyndi to play because it was a revolving circular stage and no seat was more than 75 feet from the stage, so there was no such thing as a bad seat. My friends and I were about halfway back, and swore that she looked right at us a few times, but it was probably just wishful thinking. I must say, after seeing such legends in concert as Cher and Madonna, it is kind of nice to go to a concert that is intimate and where the artist is real personable, and not be dazzled by some spectacle of a stage show. (Not that those are bad.) Even a day later I'm still in a state of excitement over the concert, and I can't wait to see her again. Phoenix loves you Cyndi!


Submitted by Aimee Lind

Having come of age with Cyndi in my tape deck (!), I have followed her career and found her to be the most creative and inspiring female singer who takes no crap from nobody. This was my first opportunity to see her live, and what a great place to have my virgin Cyndi experience. Overall what was so cool about this show was how she seemed to be hanging out with us all, very laid-back, chatting us up, kicking off her shoes to climb into the crowd and slap hands with her fans and absorb all the love so heavily exuding from the crowd. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole night, I was entranced. I am still buzzing over how amazing her voice is, and getting to hear one of my favorites, "She-Bop," redone so cheekily was a rare treat. But what really just made me love the heck out of Cyndi even more than I already did, was when she busted out a rainbow flag during "True Colors:" as the house lights went up to reveal the audience, she put the flag on her shoulder and held her fist high, and I dare say there wasn't a dry eye in the house as we all screamed our approval and love to someone who just "gets it" like she does. It was such a wonderful moment of acknowledging all the gay and lesbian fans in the audience. Bold and sweet and true, Cyndi transcends the shallow artifice of most musicians these days. She has outdone anyone I have seen live over the past year (including Madonna! props for keeping it real, Cyndi.) She said to us: "Power to the People," and I say Power to Cyndi!


Submitted by Dori O'Malley

After seeing the Cyndi Lauper concert in Phoenix, I wanted to go on a crusade across the country to tell everyone to see it. Cyndi is simply the best live performer I think I have ever seen, but that is even an understatement, it's more than that. She moved most everyone to tears during "true colors" in which she paused for several minutes just letting the crowd scream and after an unusually long time we all realized the statement she was making, and it was brilliant. Cyndi will go right in the crowd, walk on chairs, hug people, make jokes during intimate with the audience. The best thing of all is her voice. I was completely amazed at how good she sounds live and especially now, it's like she's gotten better over time!!! This concert astounded me, blew my mind, and I am forever in awe of Cyndi Lauper. She's the real Icon.


Submitted by Rocco

Well, well, well.....Cyndi was absolutely AMAZING tonight. She was sporting a new hairdo (hot as hell. Yellow Dread curled locks) .... On Cyndi it works so well. Wearing Pedal pusher pants with line up the back of her stockings and high heal pumps, showing off her tattooed ankle. She was HOTTTT! Celebrity Theater was so full of ENERGY. I mean the crowd was so fierce and off the hook, she had to have been like what the hell.. You guys are all INSANE. I am sure she loved the audience’s enthusiasm. Everyone there was a major fan. Even at the end of the concert, I was up close to her, she was actually thinking of doing one more song, but she didn’t. I think she was just so blown away but the ENERGY, she wanted to treat us to one more... she even discussed it with her band. (I guess they said “You always end with “Girl Just Want To Have Fun” (also, I swear I have seen her 10 times now and I NEVER heard her sing such a long version of that song... It was AMAZING! I have to tell you all about my most memorable Cyndi moment at this concert. I actually talked to her just before the French version of “She Bop” I held her hand and I looked into her eyes and said, “You are an Angel” ..... She totally laughed and said... that’s one thing I have never been called and said maybe “Beelzebub” It got the audience laughing their asses off. Then she proceeded to talk about her Catholic school days. *(She must have been a handful as a child) I LOVE YOU CYN! Cyndi’s voice was pure perfection. There is a “BUT” she experienced some technical difficulties, which you could clearly tell irritated her. Her Guitar had to be tuned, She kept hearing things in her ear.... Telling her crew to get whatever she was hearing out of her ear etc. Also, she was saying “More Violin” etc. This didn’t affect the concert at all, if anything it made it more intimate, she also went into the audience and sung on a chair. She hugged and kissed a guy who brought her flowers. Made every little girl(s) day that where there’s by going to them and shaking hands etc... there was also a HAIR moment with a Green Haired guy.... It was awesome too.... She was like I had that color too J The funniest thing was she was talking to the audience about a song she worked and re-worked etc, and this guy in the back of the stage SCREAMED “SHE BOP” (LMAO) she just sung the song 2 songs ago..... It was hysterical. I had Slammin’ seats section A4 – 3rd row (like 2 steps away from the stage actually) seat 1. I was so HAPPY and like I said the Angel moment, when I told her she was one, was “Something to Remember” for me Eternal! All in all the crowd was FIERCE and so was Cyndi. I had “A Night to Remember!" CYNDI I LOVE YOU! PEACE AND LOVE OUT TO YOU FOREVER MY ANGEL!


Submitted by Scott

Once again Cyndi was awesome- she looked very cute in her new "dreadlock" hairdo- I Drove All Night and Shine was my highlight- Also want to thank the mystery man who handed me a photo of Cyndi and I hugging onstage with the flowers- I don't know how you did it but I am forever grateful to you!!!


Submitted by Greg

Cyndi Concert in Phoenix totally Kicked @$$ she was great the crowed was great! One of the best Cyndi concerts I’ve ever seen.... Cyndi you rock come back soon!


Submitted by Dave Matthews

That was incredible! As my friend who went reluctantly to the concert commented as we left, My sentiments also. This was only my second time to see Cyndi after being convinced by my daughters to come to Florida in April to see Cyndi. Yes I was hooked after ONE show also! The shows were as far apart as the coasts, Melbourne being very quiet allowing you to hear Cyndi's amazing voice and stories about the songs, a perfect place to really appreciate her for the first time. Then there was Phoenix, what a complete opposite starting with the sound system being twice as LOUD which seemed to put Cyndi in a much more rock mode, and the fans did everything they didn’t do in Melbourne, screaming throughout her performance, dancing in the isles, constantly yelling to her since most of her time was spent in the audience shaking hands with fans. Every time the stage turned Cyndi seemed to hop off into the crowd---Two totally different shows two unforgettable performances!!!!


Submitted by Tim

I was happy to see and hear the famous CYNDI LAUPER in Phx. Thank you Celebrity Theatre.

I didn't know what to expect since it was my first time seeing her perform. But the concert was just amazing! The audience were a wide range in ages, telling me that Ms. Cyndi's lyrics reached into everyone young and old. She is definitely a singer with strong vocals, who can also play several instruments. Her warm personality made everyone welcome her into their hearts and made us believe Rock Stars do love their Fans! I enjoyed her show.


Submitted by Dave

I was so happy to learn Cyndi was returning to Phoenix to play the Celebrity! I purchased seats for San Diego, not knowing if she would come to AZ or not. It was such a treat to see her so many times on this leg of the tour. As always, she gave an incredible performance for her fans. I hope she knows how much it means for her to interact with the audience when performing (thanks for the high five Cyndi!). Kudos to the Celebrity for hosting yet another wonderful performance.

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