1985 Covers

BAM (Bay Area Music) Jan 1 1985 USA.jpg
Ms. 1985 USA.jpg
People weekly Jan 1985 USA.jpeg
Young Beat 1985 Hong Kong.jpeg
Rock Stars Photo Album feb 1985 USA.jpeg
Rockin' On March 1985 Japan.jpeg

Rockin' On March 1985 Japan

Formel Eins (Formel One) March 1985 Germ

Formel Eins (Formel One) March 1985 Germany

Rock Rap March 1985 USA.jpeg
WOW! march 1985 France.jpeg
Cyndi Lauper 1985 Brazil.jpeg
Newsweek March 1985 USA.jpeg
Rennbahn Express April 1985 Austria.jpeg
Yu Kuang Music Magazine April 1985 Taiwa
LIFE April 1985 USA.jpeg
Let It Be Me 1985 Thailand.jpeg
Inside Wrestling April 1985 USA.jpeg
Us April 22 1985 USA.jpg
Hai May 1985 Indonesia.jpeg
MAD April 1985 Mexico.jpg
Maxirock 1985 France.jpeg
Pop Rocky May 1985 Germany.jpeg
Onyedi May 1985 Turkey.jpeg
Tube Express June 1985 France.jpeg
Music Alive June 1985 USA.jpeg
CINE Tele Review June 1985 France.jpeg
Pop TV Giants summer 1985 USA.jpeg
Wresting Allstars June 1985 USA.jpeg
ROCK! Poster Special summer 1985 USA.jpe
Internacional 1985 Brazil.jpeg
The Quiet Storm 1985 Thailand.jpeg
Optic Music June 1985 USA.jpeg
SUN June 1985 USA.jpeg
People weekly July 1985 USA.jpeg
WWF Aug - Sept 1985 USA.jpeg
Hey 1985 Turkey.jpeg
Look-In aug 1985 UK.jpeg
Fans Aug 1985 Mexico.jpeg
Number One Rockstar Aug 1985 Italy.jpeg
BEST Sept 1985 France.jpeg
Laugh Factory Sept 1985 USA.jpeg
Cracked Oct 1985 USA.jpeg
Popcorn Oct 1985 Greece.jpeg
MAD 1985 Germany.jpeg

MAD Nov 1985 Germany

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